David Moshe is an exceptional healer who I would highly recommend. He is in tune with each individual and implements healing strategies to really get to the core of the problem. David is professional, wise, serious, and focused. The sessions are very comfortable, unintimidating, and affective – even my young children love going to him for treatments. I have been treated by David for sinus infections that anti-biotic didn’t heal, and his methods healed me completely! David has treated me for stiff necks, fever, tension, and other ailments and I always walk out of his clinic feeling refreshed and new. I would highly recommend David to people of every age that are looking for alternative and affective treatments for nearly any ailment.


Yael Eckstein

Senior Vice President

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews




“My severe thigh pain caused by spinal stenosis was completely healed in just a few sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Moshe.”
Hal Reichenthal, Boca Pointe Resident, Boca Raton

“Chronic neck pain and stiffness were eliminated after acupuncture from Dr. Moshe. I was pleased and astounded by the results.”
Murray Rabkin, Boca Pointe Resident, Boca Raton

“My low back pain was aggravated every time I got on an airplane to travel. Dr. Moshe’s treatments freed me from pain immediately. He also pointed out how a simple exercise I was doing was making the problem worse. I’ve been to many acupuncture centers but Dr. Moshe is the best I’ve worked with.”
Harriet Kilstein, Coral Lakes Resident, Boynton Beach

Working with Dr. Moshe was the best decision I ever made to improve my health and well being. When I began treatment, I was in pain and out of shape. Now my pain is gone, my vitality is restored and I have renewed vigor to live fully. ”
Gerta Gleich
Boca Raton

“Dr. David Moshe will cure what ails you! He offers a unique combination of acupuncture and cranio sacral therapy as well as lifestyle and nutritional counseling. He truly understood my health issues and tailored a program to address my specific needs. I am amazed at my healing!.”
Bill Greenfield, CEO

“I have found Dr. Moshe to be an authentic healer. It was wonderful to be able to communicate with someone who
actually listens to you, and then treats you based on your needs. His treatments were effective and pain free. I refer him to my closest friends and relatives.” Mordy Levine.

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